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 Summer Exhibition:
Growing Lines                     
 based on Landscape to Language Curriculum

"Genuine art, we might say, is simply human creation that does not stifle the non
human element but, rather, allows whatever is other in the materials to continue to
live and to breathe...Thus understood, art is really a cooperative endeavor, a work
of co creation in which the dynamism and power of earth-born materials is honored
and respected. In return for this respect, these materials contribute their  more -
than - human resonances to human culture." -
David Abram, The Spell of the Senuous

Since 2007, School of Natural Learning has maintained The StoreFront Gallery, an
exhibition venue for artwork produced by children ages 3-5 years who are participating
in a natural learning curriculum. Located in the shop windows of a former department
store, it is visually accessible to pedestrians and vehicles traveling along the city's
main street and has been supported in part by grants from The West Ward
Neighborhood Partnership and by the Lehigh Valley Arts Council.

StoreFront Gallery 673 Northampton Street, Easton, Pennsylvania.
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