Blue Jay
Mourning Dove
 Beasts of the Airh  
This lesson was implemented with a group of nine elementary
school children in an outdoor classroom along the banks of the
Lehigh River.

Each child chose a rock that would fit in their hand.

Each child choose a card (friend) from a 12 pack depicting native
animals that fly.  Each card had a generic line drawing of the
animal and a short paragraph of useful facts about the habits and
habitat.  School of Natural Learning is developing custom cards
for this purpose but any kind of images from books or the
internet will do.

Materials: Art paper, tape, graphite, tracing paper, bleeding color
tissue paper, scissors, glue, ink.

1. Use tape to block out a border around your paper.
2. Draw your rock.  Imagine that is a field or a landscape that has
shape, spots, ridges.
3. Trace the image the image of your beast onto tracing paper.
Turn the tracing paper over and rub graphite over the back of
your image. Turning the tracing paper over again and it on top of
your art paper image up. With sharp pencil go over the image
again.  It should transfer onto the art paper.
4.  You can go over or color in the image.  In this class we used
ink to bring out the image of the beast and to add in some
environmental detail.
5.  Take a break.  
6.  Is ink dry? Yes, then add another layer of color to the artwork
using tissue paper.
7. Cut out image of beast and apply with glue to artwork.